The Nicest Whip My Mother Ever Been In

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.15.58 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.15.58 AM

This was the best birthday I had in a while. I got to drive around a 2016 Lincoln Navigator around for a week. First off the care is huge so you feel like a boss moving around on the road but I was surprised to discover how easy it was to park in my town.

I live in West New York, and if you ever been here it’s a town notorious for never having a parking space. Plus when I have visitors to my apartment they always complain about now having a spot to park their compact cars. So I was legit nervous about getting something so big. But to my delight parking was a breeze. Whenever I came home or whenever I went out there was parking. Even when I had to parallel park the car moved with ease and fits anywhere.

Despite my parking dilemma I had to get the Lincoln Navigator after seeing their dope concept version debuted at a dinner I attended back in NYC. The car was insane. The leather-wrapped interior is rendered in a light blue. The driver’s seat has deployable thigh supports. Thigh Supports! That will come in handy for long rides and I can’t forget the amazing gullwing doors and deployable concertina steps. When I saw that my mouth dropped.

The first thing I did when I got in the car was hooked my phone to the SYNC system and these out those that THX Audio System. As a movie buff, I know the importance of not only having a good soundtrack but to having a better sound system to listen to your tunes. Once my sounds were right I headed to my mother’s house to show off the new ride. She proceeded to take way too many pictures of me in front of the car.

I took her out for lunch and one of the proudest moments was when she told me she never been in a car this nice before. This Lincoln Navigator for my birthday really helped kick off my Birthday week like no other. It was a little sad having to give it back. Now off to Hawaii for more fun in the sun.

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