The Lamest Vegas Trip Ever With Matt Damon and Tyron Lue


It’s been a minute since I let my fingertips tell a story of my life. I’m currently typing this on a plane heading home from Las Vegas. I had the most non turnt time in Sin City ever. On my first night there I transferred 13 GB of data until I passed out. On my second night I did my interviews and went to sleep.

Ahh the life. On my last day there I get a call from my friend who tells me they have been at private parties with NBA All Stars and Olympians the whole time I’ve been there and had she known I was in LV she would have invited me.

On the flip side on my way back from Interviewing Matt Damon I was walking into my hotel and Tyron Lue decided he wanted to say what’s up to me. I don’t think I was staring at him but it’s possible. I doubt it. ┬áIn case you’re wondering I was in Las Vegas to sit down with Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander for my movie web series Extra Butter w/ BlogXilla which airs on GlobalGrind.

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and in each city I tried to make sure I ate something amazing.

In Atlanta I ate at this super cool Thai Restaurant called Tamarind Seed Thai Bistro. I order the Drunken Noodles, my go to Thai dish. Theirs had the right amount of spice to it, only downside is they put a shit ton of Bean Sprouts in it which make for an awful picture. Bright side tho their drinks were super strong and the bartender was entertaining two of her friends.

#FoodThot – Tuna Tartare in #LasVegas

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While in Vegas I ate this amazing Tuna TarTare and some pretty awesome lobster rolls with Yolie Monroe.

#FoodThot Lobster rolls

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