It Looks Like It’s About To Rain


It looks like it’s about to rain.
I love that you’re cheating on me with words.
Well we aren’t exactly together but still.
I see the way you look at and admire words.
Sometimes I imagine there is some sort of meaning in there that’s all about me.
a little secret I’m motivated to do whatever it takes for you to love
me as much as you love words.

It was nice outside, although it looks like it’s about to rain.
We were talking on a roof, or at Starbucks or on the side of a mountain.
I really can’t remember, but all I can remember is that you kept using
10 dollar words
I’m mesmerized by the things you say.
So much that It’s hard for me to tell when you’re being facetious.
I often find myself lost in your eyes and hypnotized by your words.

On a chilly day in the middle of October, we take a walk in the rain.
We exchange words
some pleasant words
some romantic words
Every word out of your mouth is extremely entertaining.
I say all of this to remind you that I really love youtube.
The videos are great now hand me my umbrella.



Gazing down the Oneonta Gorge. dsc07175cg

The hike back from Elowah Falls.

dsc07191cgThe view atop of the trail to Upper McCord Creek Falls looking towards The Columbia River.dsc07163cgThe bottom of Elowah Falls.

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  1. This gives power to words and written communication and to the outdoors. It sounds like a profession of love for words and creativity, especially since you ended professing your love for youtube videos. I guess since you always have us all getting into the No Judgement Zone, you are literally professing your love for yourself. Keep being inspired Xilla.

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