A Poem I Started in Toronto Back In September But Finished On My Couch In November


Finding an amazing song that I haven’t heard before does something to my soul. I’m sitting in my hotel room in Toronto with even more of a passion for starting writing a book and start a movie.

Thoughts In The 6:

When I close my eyes I see her

Our love is a roller coaster filled with ups and down.

Controlled chaos that is completely out of control.

We are out of business officially this time and it feels strange.

It’s like when you get a tooth pulled and you know there should be a tooth there but kinda feels like there is a tooth there but it’s also completely empty.

That is how this feels.

Many elegant girls also need a man like me, so there is hope.

You never stop loving someone you loved with all of your heart. Even if they can’t stand to be around you.

Matters of the heart shouldn’t matter as much.


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